Got a broken windshield?

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We offer same day auto glass replacement whether at your place, wherever your car is or at one of our locations. We always come with creative solutions to minimize the cost for you. Most of our windshields are made of laminated safety glass, which protects you from serious injury in case of accidental breaking of the glass. When used with the correct adhesive windshields actually lead to the structural support to the roof of your vehicle. It is also protects you from harmful UV rays & makes the ride comfortable for you.

The laminated safety auto glass is a critical component when it comes to your safety. When we work on your auto glass replacement, we make sure that we use the best quality auto glass available with the highest safety standards. Wherever possible we use OEM auto glass (that’s glass from the Original Equipment Manufacturer) such as PPG, Ford Carlite or Pilkington – or you have the option of choosing glass made from non-OEM manufacturers if you want to lower the cost.


What quality glass do you use?

We use the best quality auto glass in the market!

Both OEM and aftermarket glass must necessarily comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, but there are two important OEM benefits: An OEM replacement windshield is produced from original equipment-style tooling. This type of windshield will have the appearance of your car’s original windshield and will fit properly in the window frame making noise and leakage problems much less likely.

Each manufacturer lays out specifics for the installation process that must be meticulously followed to assure quality and safety. This includes proper preparation of the glass, the body of the vehicle, and most importantly use of the proper priming materials and adhesives. At Canada Auto Glass we take very good care to ensure that we use the right primers with the right urethane, and leave it to cure for the right amount of time.

We invest a lot in training our technicians to replace and repair auto glass. With a little mechanical aptitude, anyone can learn to install a windshield but to do it perfectly takes a clear understanding of the safety issues involved, as well as many hours of experience while on the job.


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